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On this page, you can evaluate the impact of news on rate changes. To do this, select an event from the economic calendar, look at what currency it will affect and set this currency on the online chart.

On the chart, the letters "E" and "N" mark the output of events and economic indications.

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The economic calendar makes it possible to build a forecast on the movement in the foreign exchange market.

1. Time — information about the exact time of the event release, it is at this time that the market will react to the report.

2. Currency — it is on the specified currency pair that the impact of the event will be most noticeable.

3. Importance - more bull heads - stronger market reaction.

4. Event — Description of the event based on which there will be a surge in the market.

5. Actual result - green value deviation for the better, red for the worse. (Appears at the specified time).

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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