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Benefits of working with trade5000 broker:

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  1. Personal support.
  2. 1 on 1 training with a market analyst.
  3. Abundant amount of assets to trade.
  4. Availability of robots for automatic trading.
  5. Availability of training courses and analytical signals.

Describe your experience with the company Trade 5000 below in the comments. Your experience will be useful for beginner traders.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

28 thoughts on “ Отзывы”

  1. Tamara, first I registered on the site, they recruited me and advised me and helped me create a trading account. Because I didn’t know what it was and how it works, I had to choose to work with an analyst, I think that this is my right step, I avoided a lot of mistakes and he was always in touch, now I manage alone, we call each other from time to time. At first they started with currency, then they started working on cryptocurrency. So I still work on it. During this time, I was pleased with the result. Who is aware of what is happening now with the cryptuha will understand =)

  2. A broker is like a broker, if the hands are from the right place, then you will earn money with any broker. They work officially directly through the bank, which is convenient for me. I do not like incomprehensible transfers through some Internet wallets.

  3. Is it worth trying. There are only bad reviews on the Internet. And then once I already got into 1000 euros. Help me figure it out.

  4. Good time of the day! Tell me, after a successful trade, did anyone withdraw money (profit) for themselves? Interesting.

  5. Don't get fooled!!! Divorce. It was a bummer to write, but then I remembered how, at first, brokers of this kind were bred. First call! If you got a call, you have every right to send a fuck, because this is manipulation in relation to you, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed about such people! Normal brokers will never call (although there are no completely normal ones ...). That's all I have.

  6. Egorov Nikolay

    Nina Tatiana! Are you real people? or bots? or paid? Help please, opened an account, said the analyst will call, waited all day and not allo. Answer please!

  7. Egorov Nikolay

    Nina Tatiana! Are you real people? or bots? or paid? Help please, opened an account, said the analyst will call, waited all day and not allo. Answer please!

  8. Nikolai, I also waited, worried, wrote to support, they said that analysts call on working days the next day after replenishment. I'm on Fri. opened me on mon called.

  9. Leshchenko Semyon

    I don’t know anyone, but the broker has never let me down personally. I am sure in it, I withdraw profit twice a month 2000 - 2400 dollars. While in such a range. Attachments beat off

  10. I don’t know about anyone, but it was already my third attempt, I had previously lost 6000 in other companies. Here I asked the consultant to give the best analyst, and already beat off the losses. Listen to analysts, and work carefully and you will have a profit ...

  11. At first I was afraid that they, like everyone else, hang noodles on their ears and that's it. It turned out to be a decent company with good specialists. On the first installment on the mortgage has already earned. I recommend

  12. I am 65. I have been trading with trade 5000 for 3 years. I was bribed by the fact that they give full training and explain everything in detail, and also quickly call back if there are questions. Conclusion, on the advice of an analyst, according to need. Satisfied. I forgot what it is when there is no money. My wife and I have enough for a peaceful old age.

  13. Damn, I read your reviews and think, well, does this really happen?
    It’s just that I also signed up there and now I’m being stupidly tyrannized to replenish my account, so the question arose, is it worth it?

  14. Hello everyone, I'm going to replenish the balance, tell me exactly everything will be fine

  15. I registered, but I'm afraid ... For me, 250 dollars is a lot of money. No matter how deceived. But I also want to make money. Dear people, please advise how to be a poor disabled person ... Is it worth it or not.???

  16. TRADE5000, one of the most impudent money extortionists, the manager calls and psychologically assertive and rudely presses, moreover, after dropping the call, he calls back and threatens to set up an auto-dial so that the client cannot use the phone. Beware of them, in no case do not invest money.

  17. good afternoon! I want to register on Trade5000, I'm afraid. On one platform, I already somehow lost it, I don’t want to lose it yet. I've read reviews, good and bad.

  18. This is a complete scam for money, I also got it recently and I need to somehow punish them

  19. Hello, I replenished the account, I trusted them, I don’t know what will happen next

  20. 2 weeks girl Mila Abramova persuaded me to invest 250 euros. Thank God, I read the reviews about this trader in time. And they force you to take loans, but you can’t withdraw anything. There are no freebies! it doesn’t happen that the robot will work for you, and everything will be allowed to be withdrawn. They work for speed, they don’t let you come to your senses: come on, deposit money faster, and earn money today! And when I definitely refused, Mila just hung up! Apparently, from anger that it did not work out to divorce me for money! Disgusting!

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