Glofiwin Investing - project reviews

Glofiwin Investing - project reviews

Glofiwin Investing is a company that offers us such a popular service as advisory to the financial sector. They promise to answer any questions.

It is not entirely clear why a site that provides consulting services has the word Investing in the domain. Maybe because the local admin initially wanted to make a fake investment company, but it turned out even worse?

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What do they offer

Multi-vector consultation, which for the most part will help you make the right decisions based on your question of activity. Local specialists actively help, advising financially, as well as in various other ways.

It is necessary to fill out a feedback form in order to communicate with representatives of Glofiwin Investing.

Glofiwin Investing - project reviews

Signs of a scam

The site is striking in its wretchedness. Low-quality one-pager, made on the knee for half an hour. The administrator obviously tried to write in the official language, but it turned out to be abracadabra. Surprisingly, this guy managed to solve the issue of the presence of three errors in a nutshell. We have not seen such illiteracy for a long time. Just read this block - and such insanity is everywhere here.

Glofiwin Investing - project reviews

The age of the domain is only 11 days at the time of this writing, that is, the project has just been launched. Most likely, they did not manage to hide the personal data of the domain owner, so we know that the illiterate admin is a certain Arthur Sokolov from Moscow.

Glofiwin Investing - project reviews

Legal information, of course, is missing. No registration documents, no licenses, nothing. And where would they get such a primitive scam?

There is no clear proposal here. Everything rests on the fact that we need to leave our contact details for communication. It is clear that these contacts will then be resold to other scammers, and you will receive tons of spam. It will not work to contact the administrator on your own - there is only e-mail, but it is fictitious.

Glofiwin Investing - project reviews

It's hard to say what the miserable scam Glofiwin Investing wants from us. Maybe he will demand money for the provision of non-existent services, or maybe he simply collects contact details for subsequent sale. In any case, contacting this project is strongly discouraged.

Pros and cons of Glofiwin InvestingNo prosFake companyNo documentsFictitious services


It has nothing to do with financial consulting Glofiwin Investing. Shameful scam from a schoolboy.

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Glofiwin Investing - project reviews

Oksana GorbunovaOksana is a specialist in exposing fake online stores, online games, casinos, pseudo bookmakers and other projects that offer us free money or non-existent goods. Great experience helps to expose even the most sophisticated swindlers.

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